The 2013/14 Consensus Software Awards were presented by Senator Simon Birmingham, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of the Environment on Thursday 5th June. The Awards were hosted by Insurance Australia Group (IAG). Senator Brinmingham is also The Hon Malcolm Turnbull’s representative in the Senate.

The Awards identify the most innovative Software solutions in Australia and New Zealand. They are endorsed and supported by Australian Consensus Technology Association, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, Wholesale Investor and Northern Sydney Institute part of TAFE.


Seantor Birmingham (3rd from left) with Finalists of the Consensus Software Awards

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Event Date
Nominations Open June 2014
Nominations Close End September 2014
Final judging
Venue: Northern Sydney Institute – div TAFE, St.Leonards NSW 2065
Early October 2014
Announcements and Presentations in Sydney
Venue: TBC
End October 2014
Post Awards Media Oct / Nov 2014

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Our thanks go to the Judges that participated this year in the final judging panels. Click here for their biographies. Judges

Judges CSA13


IFRS SYSTEM Financial Reporting Software

The IFRS SYSTEM Financial Reporting Software (IFRS SYSTEM) automates the preparation of statutory and regulatory (external) financial reports of a wide range of entities.

It shortens the length of the preparation cycle, reduces the risk of error and non-compliance and greatly increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the accounting and finance professionals engaged in report preparation.

Judges’ Citation: “IFRS sets out to automate the preparation of statutory and regulatory financial reports and does it rather well and efficiently by reducing the non-productive work required. The software has the ability to handle complex legal entity setups and is able to automate the roll ups and consolidations to produce statutory reports. The software eliminates errors and provides information integrity by doing away with manual spreadsheets.p>Further, the software increases compliance and reduces the cost of meeting statutory reporting requirements; Auditors as well as CFO’s should be delighted. The software’s smart (patent pending) algorithms automate the import and allocation of the user’s trial balance to specified Chart of Accounts. Unallocated items are flagged for manual intervention saving days if not weeks of processing time, associated headcount and costs.

The software will cross-reference portions of the reports with relevant legislation making it a “single source’ system. All in all, a relevant product for the market created by practitioners, offered through a scalable Cloud model. This is a worthy recipient of a Consensus award.”

from SEQTA Software

The SEQTA Suite is a comprehensive, web-based software application that provides schools with a single platform to manage every aspect of teaching and learning. To paraphrase the late Steve Jobs, every now and then a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything. SEQTA changes everything for teachers, parents, students and school administrators.

Using the software, teachers are able to complete every aspect of their administrative work, including the creation of virtual learning environments, realistically eliminating the need for paper for everything from attendance, behaviour management, marks books and reporting to parents, to data analysis, management of key risk areas and government accountability.

Judges’ Citation: “We congratulate the SEQTA team for an excellent submission of a truly impressive software system. SEQTA met all of the judging criteria and generally impressed the judges.

SEQTA is a comprehensive and user-friendly school management software system that integrates student data with teacher planning and activities, executive analysis, parental access as well as student access.

The system features a 2-click transition from any function to the desired function making it quite intuitive and quick to navigate and to enter data. The various views are comprehensive and the workflow management system is innovative showing modern human machine interface techniques.

The search engine is efficient and data retrieval, even for large files is quick. The comprehensive integration of all related information provides a highly productive and accurate environment for the teacher to use and for the executive to analyse. The reporting functions are well integrated and functional in aggregating and sorting data from individual student level through to cohort and even up to large comparison groups at a school or region level. There is clear evidence of the domain expertise of experienced educators in the design and development of the product.

If deployed completely in a school, this software would prove an indispensable and valuable tool in assisting teachers and students in improving their performance and interaction, as well as providing an instantly available tool for the school executives to manage school performance on all levels.

Additional modules for incorporation of special needs and careers/VET activities are planned and will make the system even more compelling. The product has enjoyed some commendable success to date due to a well thought out sales and marketing program and the prospects for increased success in the future are excellent.”

SolveXia Business Process Automator
from SolveXia

SolveXia provides a secure hosted service that helps businesses automate processes. Historically this market has been dominated by ERP software that is heavily customised at great expense, or through in-house systems developed over many years that are now poorly understood.

They prove to be inflexible to change, expensive, and unable to satisfy the demands of “front line” business staff. SolveXia allows businesses to tap into the benefits of business process automation without the loss of flexibility or excessive costs of these historical solutions.

Judges’ Citation: “In the current corporate climate of leanness, compliance, agility and cost aversion, the Consensus judges believe the SolveXia product ticks all the right boxes to qualify for a Consensus Software Award.

The innovation of having the modular “process” robots that can be injected into a known business process flow make the product flexible and quick to implement. This product solution provides a reliable and consistent service for what is otherwise a cumbersome, tedious and expensive regular exercise that consumes talented staff on menial, non-creative work.

The proven quick implementation of the system, together with the cloud hosting service provision also adds to the allure of this product for potential clients. No one wants to add servers, or other infrastructure to their already heavy IT footprint. Existing clients range from the top end of the domestic corporate world to the bottom, proving the credentials of the system at all levels of business.

While the focus of the business owners is currently on the financial services category, the judges think there are no fundamental limitations of the system that prevents it from being introduced in a much wider spread of industries and, not just domestically, but internationally too.

The battle is convincing those top-end organisations already wedded to the behemoths of SAP and Oracle etc for these type of process automation solutions that there is a better and cheaper way through SolveXia Business Process Automation.

The judging panel urges SolveXia Pty Ltd to review their Sales and Marketing Strategy to find a way to promote the system to a wider audience thereby realising the potential the product already shows. Having the right product is half of the equation. Your identified competitors have a heavy investment in top of town sales people. With a solid product, a Consensus Software Award, the next stage is having the confidence to fund market coverage with the right sales resources.”


With mobile bar code scanning apps you can do just that with half the work. lets you scan barcodes and then compare prices across thousands of retailers like and ebay and 100s of other local retailers to find the lowest price. Once you’ve found the best price, you can go directly to the website and purchase it.

In addition, the app also shows you where you can buy it locally at a brick and mortar or online store. It’s an incredibly simple but effective app for saving you money and finding the best price. also has a price comparison website where you can find and purchase all the products that users have scanned or purchased. The application is available on iphone, ipad, android phone, and android tablet for free and without ads.

Judges’ Citation: “The judges were impressed with the thought, energy and vigour applied to this software solution. The Highly Commended award is designed to acknowledge the effort exerted and to encourage the roll out of the Business Plan. All judges are looking forward to returning next year to demonstrate accomplishments and hopefully to be awarded the coveted Consensus Software Award.

There is no doubt retail buying is undergoing great change and has recognised that increasingly buying research will be done in real time and on a mobile device. The solution also recognises that while research may be performed on a device a purchase may be performed on-line or equally could be done in a traditional “bricks and mortar” establishment. does not prescribe how to buy. It empowers consumers by conveniently providing buying information which allows a consumer to buy well and to buy the way they prefer to.

Judges were pleased with the use of modern database, programming and integration techniques. Great planning has been done to develop a robust and scalable solution based on modern technologies. Search Engine Optimisation is particularly impressive with consistent high ranking results.

The Judges identified weaknesses and offer encouragement to overcome those obstacles. The judges are worried about the affiliate model. Affiliate data on retailers is in effect available to everyone and retailers have a love/hate relationship with them. Judges believe there may be an opportunity to approach retailers directly which would build a wall against future competitors.

Growing usage is the great dilemma. Judges were impressed with TV appearances but noted that the likely users of are mobile users that are highly active on social media. At the time of judging there were 107 likes with 1 talking about it. To gain momentum Facebook likes will need to be in the tens of thousands and hundreds talking about it.”

FitEyes Insight – Glaucoma Management System
from FitEyes Pty Ltd

FitEyes Insight is a software system that along with suitable hardware allows glaucoma patients to monitor their condition on an ongoing and frequent basis which leads to much improved management and outcomes.

The FitEyes system allows patients to measure their own eye pressure quickly, simply and reliably multiple times per day each and every day of the year. It also collects data around patient activities which is overlayed with the intra ocular pressure (IOP), data as it has been recently discovered that lifestyle and other factors have a direct impact on IOP. This data exists on the FitEyes Cloud and is accessible by patients, doctors and researchers.

Judges’ Citation: “FitEyes is a laudable software application that is making a significant contribution to improving the way glaucoma is managed. People with glaucoma can use the software to capture their own eye pressure and upload this into a cloud-based database. The data can then be used by the individuals and their doctors to improve the way their glaucoma is managed. The data can also be made available to researchers worldwide for furthering research work into this condition.

FitEyes is currently dependent on the individual having a tonometer to measure eye pressure, currently an expensive item and as such a potential barrier to further adoption of the product. The judges were advised that a low-cost tonometer was currently under development. There is no doubt that this would improve access to the benefits of FitEyes for people with glaucoma when the low cost tonometer becomes generally available.

The judges were unanimous in recognizing the social contribution that FitEyes is making, however this is not one of the criteria that is judged against. From a technical perspective FitEyes uses established data logging technology, albeit in a highly socially beneficial way. As such the judges assessed FitEyes in the Highly Commended category.

The judges did consider that FitEyes could build on the infrastructure established by the products to expand the physiological data captured by the software to make it more generally applicable. Consideration could also be given to partnering with the manufacturer of the low cost tonometer to provide FitEyes as a package with that product.”

from Be Software International Pty Ltd

IINSIGHT is a Cloud based SaaS case management, billing and reporting system, designed for the allied health industry which includes rehabilitation providers, occupational therapists and medico legal professionals.

IINSIGHT allows secure case management “anywhere, anytime” in a highly mobile industry, whilst confirming to all industry and statutory needs for Australian state and federal jurisdictions; New Zealand, United Kingdom and Canada.

IINSIGHT fills the need for a cost effective solutions providing 24 x 7 capability, unlimited users, a unique cost per case licensing model in a fully managed multi-tenant Cloud based business application.

Judges’ Citation: “The judges were all very impressed with the IINSIGHT product and its performance to date, and its exciting potential. The IINSIGHT product exhibits a number of innovative, ground breaking concepts including the clean easy to use interfaces, delivery as a cloud based SAAS, the graphical workflow engine, etc. IINSIGHT is a clear leap ahead of the competition, and allows a client to deploy rapidly, to capture its IP in systematic process models and to manage its KPI achievement effectively. This gives clients an edge in sales and marketing, efficiency in operations and allows them to focus on improvement rather than administration.

It is built on Australian developed innovative technology. This has already delivered benefits to BE Software by allowing them to produce a sister product, Ignite, in a short period of time to satisfy client demands. The pricing model is also industry leading, being tailored to the client revenue streams rather than a significant capex investment.

The company is well established, servicing over 60 organisations with 200,000 accounts and 100,000 users. It has established its technical footprint in 4 international markets spread around the globe. It holds relevant accreditation from national bodies.

The market potential is very large – the IINSIGHT product is targeted at the Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy market. This is a large and growing market, providing the potential for BE Software to exploit additional very large markets and to expand into associated service areas. BE Software needs to focus on its sales and marketing plans, if it is to realise its potential. Establishing sales channels in overseas markets is likely to be the key to success, and will allow the business to grow rapidly. The company should consider diversifying into associated markets, to build a family of products serving multiple markets and services.”


All Consensus Award programs are based on an open nomination process. Nominations are welcomed from individuals and organizations with experience of the product or service concerned. Before nominating a product please consider the aims of the program and the judging criteria against which the product will be measured. Self nominations welcome.


The Awards exist to reward excellence in Australian and New Zealand software design and to grow and strengthen software development in Australasia. Award recognition can be vital in building the credibility and exposure necessary for locally developed products to break into new markets. The Consensus Software Awards have been developed to provide this credibility by using an open and transparent judging process based on the Consensus Model.


To achieve a Consensus Software Award, the product must be Australian or New Zealand designed and developed and be judged by the invited panel of judges to be Innovative, deliver performance benefits to the user, and have further potential for product or market development. Entrants are invited to present the evidence to the judging panel first through a written and then by direct presentation. Since each product is assessed directly against the judging criteria there are no categories and the judges may recommend as many or few Awards as they deem to be worthy each year.


Note: Timetable may be subject to change.

Event Date
Nominations Open February 2013
Nominations Close End September 2013
First round of judging
Venue: Online
October 2013
Final round of judging
Venue: Clifton’s, 60 Margaret Street, Sydney
End October 2013
Announcements and Presentations in Sydney
Venue: TBC
mid-November 2013
Post Awards media and distribution of ‘Endorsed by Consensus’ Certified Trade Marks November / December 2011


Consensus gratefully thanks the panel members who generously volunteer their time to support the Australia and New Zealand software industry through the Consensus Software Awards. All judges act as individuals and not on behalf of the organisations they are associated with. To aid public confidence and as a courtesy to both entrants and judges we also provide a profile and contact details for each participating judge.

If you are interested, please send us an email.

For a list of 2012 Judges and their biographies, click on the following link. Judges

CSA12 Judges

2012 Consensus Software Awards Judges

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