Consensus Software Awards Past Winners

In recognition of the achievement of those that have taken part in previous programs we present an archive consisting of the original entries made during that year. As a courtesy to these enterprises we will happily update product and contact details, usually as a footnote to each listing to preserve the integrity of the historical information. If you find that a link or contact is out of date please inform us


2001 Winners and Finalists
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CSA07 Winners

ID Product Name Company Location
07-01-W 1000Minds® 1000Minds Ltd NZ
07-07-W CyTrack Business Communications Suite CyTrack Technologies Pty Ltd QLD
07-08-W FMT Octopus Fraud Management Technologies Pty Ltd VIC
07-10-W Home Media Centre (HMC) Mobilesoft (Aust) Pty Ltd NSW
07-11-W iAppraise Compliance Auditing Solution iComply Pty Ltd VIC
07-14-W Remunerate Evanscorp Pty Ltd NSW
07-15-W SAVANT® Virtual Insurer SAVANT® Systems International Pty Ltd NSW
07-16-W Smart-Trace™ Web Application Ceebron Pty Ltd NSW
07-18-W SOPRANO StaffMatch SOPRANO Design Pty Ltd NSW
07-20-W Umajin Unlimited Realities Limited NZ
07-21-W Vantage 1.0 Webspy Ltd WA
07-23-W Bluedoor Technologies Pty Ltd VIC
07-24-W Yeahware V4.1 Yeahpoint Pty Ltd QLD

CSA 2007 Finalists

ID Product Name Company Location
07-02-S Agile Business Suite Version 1.2 Unisys Information Services Pty Ltd NSW
07-03-S Attaché 7 Attaché Software Australia Pty Ltd NSW
07-04-S CAT Accelerator 1.0 Catalyticsoft Pty Ltd QLD
07-05-S ClockOn V3 ClockOn Pty Ltd NSW
07-06-S Concerto Orion Health Ltd  NZ
07-09-S Hive® 3.0 HarvestRoad Limited WA
07-12-S Mincom Axis Mincom Limited QLD
07-13-S PRONTO-Xi Alert Intelligence Pronto Software Pty Ltd VIC
07-17-S Spectrax™ Spectra Interface Pty Ltd NSW
07-19-S total-axs axs-system Pty Ltd NSW
07-22-S VisionCRE Vision Software Limited NZ

2006 Consensus Software Awards


Announced and presented at the Gala Dinner on Wednesday 26 April 2006 at the Sheraton on the Park, Elizabeth Street, Sydney in the presence of the New Zealand Consul General, Sarah CraigThe Hon. Senator Stephen Conroy, Shadow Minister for Communications and Information Technology and Steven Ciobo MP, Member for Moncrieff.

Judges citations, event photography etc. to follow

Presented in alphabetical order by product name. Click on the product name to view the entry

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3DClinic Pty Ltd
DealPoint Brilliance Software Corporation


Mobile Asset Command and Control (MAC2) Australian Technology Information Pty Limited
Product Graphics Management (PGM) Software Suite Right Hemisphere
PROGNOSIS® for Web Applications Integrated Research
REACT – Remote Education And Conferencing Tool M & S Consultants Pty Ltd


Box Sentry Pty Ltd

Replica Backup

Replica Data Security

Scholaris v2

Solutions IT
Shortcuts Software Shortcuts Software
TrakCare TrakHealth Pty Ltd
UNIFYNow Version 1.5 Unify Solutions Pty Ltd
Valmax Mentum Group Australia Pty Ltd
WinScribe WinScribe Inc




Web Based Accounting Software

B-Free Pty Ltd


McSoft Pty Ltd

Dental 4 Windows SQL

Centaur Software Development Co.

echo for SharePoint 2

Winapp Technology

IMP (Integrated Master Planner)

VESP International Pty Limited




J3 Technology

Q4bis Business Intelligence

Q4bis Software (NZ) Ltd


New Millennium Solutions Pty Limited


VeCommerce Ltd


Vision Software Limited

End of Results


2005 Consensus Software Awards

Shortlist as determined by the first round of voting

Entries listed in order of lodgement. Click on the product name to view the entry

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Many entries include reproductions of full size program screens which may take some time to download. Where possible they are attached as separate files.



BizWise 1.0

    E-Novation Pty Ltd

Insight 7.0

Atac Pty Ltd


InfoComp Pty Ltd

RocketReader ®



TASKey Pty Ltd

ManageSoft® Security Patch Management™

ManageSoft Corporation


ConnXion Limited

Oniqua Enterprise Analytics

Oniqua Pty Ltd

Easy Post

EasyPost Australia Pty Ltd

Enterprise Architect (EA)

Sparx Systems Pty Ltd


Mercury Advisory Group Pty Limited


nSynergy Pty Ltd

Open Windows Contracts

Open Windows Australia Pty Ltd

Bright Mobility Platform

Bright Software

PlanTech Enterprise Solution (PES)

Plan Tech Consulting Group

RF-AWARE / radPro Software




Industrial Strength.NET



Ticketek / SoftTix


Financial Network Services Pty Limited


Infra Corporation

Recover My Files Data Recovery Software

GetData Pty Ltd


SRA Information Technology




2004 Consensus Software Awards

CSA 04 GroupCongratulations to the 2004 Consensus Software Awards winners and finalists announced at the Sheraton on the Park, Sydney. 

Many thanks to Hon. Daryl Williams AC QC MP, Minister for Communications, Information Technology for jointly presenting the Awards with Steve Vamos, Managing Director of Microsoft Australia.

Select 2004 Results for the list of winners and the judges citations. 

Ministers speech (pdf)

The July copy of the Australian Developer Magazine features a comprehensive guide to the 2004 Consensus Software Awards

Prime Ministers letter (pdf)

Our thanks to Microsoft – principal sponsor, and FB Rice & Co and the British Midlands as program partners, whose support make the Awards possible and the Australian Developer magazine as the official media partner for the 2004 Consensus Software Awards.

Congratulations to the latest winners and finalists of the 2004 Consensus Software Awards announced at the Sheraton on the Park, Sydney. 

Many thanks to Hon. Daryl Williams AC QC MP, Minister for Communications, Information Technology for jointly presenting the Awards with Steve Vamos, Managing Director of Microsoft Australia.

Ministers speech (pdf)

The July 2004 issue of the Australian Developer Magazine features a comprehensive guide to the 2004 Consensus Software Awards

Prime Ministers letter (pdf)

On recommendation of the judging panel all Awards are of equal value.

Select Finalists for a full product and company listing

2004 Winners (14)

Amethon Solutions (Asia Pacific) Pty Ltd

Atlassian Software Systems Pty Ltd

Bowen & Groves Pty Ltd

Brookstone Technologies Pty Ltd

ClockOn Pty Ltd

Console Australia Pty Ltd

Eagle Datamation International Pty Ltd

Empired Limited

Interactive Engineering Pty Ltd

Mincom Limited

Roy Morgan Solutions

TRIM Systems Pty Ltd

Weblogics Australia Pty Ltd

Wireless IP Technology Pty Ltd

Remaining Finalists (10)

The judging panel expressed their satisfaction of high standard of all finalists this year and expect that they all have a very bright future  

Gamer’s Valhalla
Human Solutions
Streamline Solutions
Monet Technologies
Positive IT
Superior Software for Windows Pty Limited
Training Online International

As provided by the judging panels following the second round presentations

Message Core from Amethon Solutions (Asia Pacific) Pty Ltd
Message Core is a highly innovative product filling the niche of content enabling mobile message services. It clearly addresses and simplifies the many to many interfaces between content providers and Telco support processes and systems. This significantly improves time to market and profitability for new content-based services.

JIRA from Atlassian Software Systems
We (the judging panel) were extremely impressed with Atlassian and their product JIRA. You don’t often hear of a small Australian start-up succeeding globally. In our eyes their innovative product coupled with their impressive client list worldwide and the continuing growth profitability makes Atlassian worthy of a 2004 Consensus Software Award.

M1 by B&G
M1 has re-defined the definition of ‘user friendly’ with a product that demonstrates a substantial commitment to its growing number of users in Australia and other major centres of manufacturing in the world. It is a simple and effective means for small and large manufacturers to control their business processes without fuss. The ‘Help’ features are particularly well designed, are logical and make sense to the user, especially since the user interfaces are fully customisable allowing for easy access to information from databases, with effective drill-downs which are seamless across the business.

Brookstone Virtual Office from Brookstone Technologies
Brookstone Virtual Office has successfully managed to remove the burden of using multiple tools to address simple common workflow tasks within organisations. They have uniquely managed to blend together, in a single integrated architecture, the ability to complete tasks through a few mouse clicks.

As a cited example: Imagine a situation where details of a telephone conversation can be entered into the system and then as a result of that call, an action item can be assigned to someone else in the organization. The action item is automatically mailed to the person concerned, with a link back to the original document. A reminder can be sent by mail automatically at a predetermined date and time and an escalation notice can be sent by mail automatically if the action is not marked as complete by the nominated date. The mail can take a number of forms including an SMS Alert, an email (including to a wireless device), etc In terms of workflow this is classic example of events we follow everyday but manually keep track of. BVO’s ease of use and practical functionality enables this technology to be used in organizations with relative ease with the added bonus of tight integration with the Microsoft Office suite environment.

This is a great tool for the SME market and will expect it will gain many devoted users across the world.

ClockOn from ClockOn Pty. Ltd
It’s time that Time & Attendance, HR and Payroll get a new look. ClockOn’s patented rule manager, comprehensive templates, accessibility and badging give businesses around the world an effective and affordable solution to a perennial problem – change! Great work!

EdiEnterprise from Eagle Datamation International
ediEnterprise provides an innovative and comprehensive solution to the management, control and communication of transport and logistics data for international supply chain service providers. The system addresses the need for detailed data involved in order, shipment, manifest and delivery documentation, and for tracking of orders and shipments through the transport and delivery process across the world.

Its innovative features include a fully-integrated accounting system suited to the supply chain industry, user-friendly screen presentations tailored to the specific needs of individual users, and automatic creation and delivery of client documentation and communications. The product incorporates multi-language capability.

The product has gained early acceptance by a selected group of leading supply chain organizations in Australia and internationally. The company’s marketing strategy is focused on major Australian and international supply chain participants, including freight forwarders and retail groups. The product has significant potential for application in countries where importing and exporting form a key element of the economy.

Big Red Sky from Empired Limited
Big Red Sky is a multi-purpose HR Management application that revolutionises recruitment and staff management. Big Red Sky feeds recruitment details to its own web site or third-party sites like SEEK. It is the only application of its type to have a full-featured redeployment module, especially useful to government departments. Its ASP distribution model gives it a definite advantage in the market. Big Red Sky has proven itself through successful implementations in West Australia and Victoria. Flexible in its configuration, Big Red Sky has excellent growth opportunities in Australia and abroad.

Orion from Interactive Engineering
This was not an easy concept to grasp on initial review and it took the panel much deliberation to conclude the final result. Imagine a knowledge base that can conceptually grasp multiple facets of requirements and grows based on this knowledge. The knowledge built in this structure is not like a card pyramid where removing an unworkable portion of the structure collapses the whole. Re-evaluation is possible with modification to the structure without the need to rebuild the knowledge base.

Confused? Imagine a train timetable where we modify or remove components like trains or add delays or modify routes. We can reschedule the timetable easily without rebuilding the whole timetable from ground up!

Think outside the box and imagine the applications:

Strategic Planning
Program Management
Contract Management

And that is just to start with! Imagine understanding DNA gene relationships to organs and their related diseases and then the relationship to symptoms and possible cures – Wow!

As defined by the brief to the judges, “To truly qualify as innovative it can’t be just a bit better, it has to break new ground, ground that people thought impossible before”, we believe if this solution achieves its true potential it will bring rewards greater than money can buy!

Mincom EnergyPoint from Mincom
Wholesale and retail trading of electricity in today’s volatile energy market is extremely complex. Generation and distribution requirements are subject to end user demand and this demand can vary greatly with changing weather conditions and erratic market behaviour.

Energy production needs to mirror consumption and accurate demand predictions require complex analysis of historical data as well as current and future events. Electricity is traded in 5, 15 and 30 minute intervals with wholesale energy purchased in short and long term pricing packages.

The real dilemma’s occur when electricity demand exceeds contracted supply arrangements and excess energy must be purchased at spot market prices which see price spike increases of up to 16,000%. As the consumer purchases at a fixed price these wild price increases cause considerable trading losses which can take months to recoup.

Mincom’s EnergyPoint facilitates the trading and risk management for power generators and retailers providing accurate data and analysis, automating trading operations, data operations, versioning and notification management.

Mincom have successfully marketed their innovative and comprehensive solution within Australia and this world class package has the potential to greatly increase efficiencies in the energy markets of the World and in doing so will also contribute to the well being of our environment by reducing the unusable over production of electricity

Asteroid from Roy Morgan Solutions
Asteroid Search empowers users, assisting them in formulating a framework for the analysis. Subscribers receive the Asteroid software as part of the service agreement and can distribute the software within their own organization without restriction. The product enables the analysts to access the entire data set with aggregation or summarization of the data, and additional custom data can also be included. Asteroid uses a proprietary database that meets exceptionally high performance and data security standards, and analysts are not able to access the raw data. The product has high potential both in Australia and overseas, and it will be of interest to organisations for a variety of applications, such as market research and competitive analysis.

TRIM Systems Video Analysis Software from TRIM Systems Pty Ltd
TRIM Systems Video Analysis software is an impressive response to a real business need. It allows medical practitioners, particularly podiatrists for whom the software is designed, to capture video images of a patient’s gait during a standard consultation. This allows the practitioner to identify, highlight and discuss issues with the patient during the consultation, thereby saving time, money and effort. The product potential is much wider than just the podiatry or even healthcare industry. With little adaptation it could be applied to needs within various sporting, veterinary and turf racing associations, and almost any other area where movement of some sort (human, animal or even machine) needs to be captured for later analysis and reporting at a relatively low cost. This software will attract international interest.

Gateway 2003 from Console Australia Pty Ltd
Gateway 2003 is a comprehensive trust accounting, property management and contact management solution for real estate agencies. It differentiates itself through its implementation in a standard-based database technology, its integration of mobile applications from property inspection and sales, and its integration of portal technologies. It is also differentiated by its quality of presentation and ease of use: considerable effort has been expended in ensuring that the application is aligned with the workflows and roles of the real estate business, and in supporting how these evolve.

Gateway 2003 is a highly scalable solution, and is suitable for new market segments such as private property portfolios and community housing projects. It has been engineered for a global market, and in its local market has achieved a dominant market share. The ASP and certified partner business model through which it is delivered is readily transportable into other similar geographies, and the product is well positioned to move into regional, EU and US markets.

Intralogic from Weblogics Australia
A web-based knowledge management solution that is superlatively easy to customize even straight out of the box. With one day of training you can define your company data needs in a small package.
Intralogic is functionally very rich and includes content management, document management, online forms management, people management, business workflow, and enterprise searching plus fully integrated components such as online surveys, contact management, communities’ management, bulletin boards and discussion forums. Knowledge Management made easy!

ConnectiX from Wireless IP
Getting the message out to the field effectively and at a reasonable cost is given a boost by this technology. ConnectiX compression keeps the packets down and security keeps each session safe. In addition, you can customize the application with ease. We predict a great future for ConnectiX.


2003 Consensus Software Awards

 We are proud that the 2003 Consensus Software Awardswere sponsored by


About the 2003 Consensus Software Awards

Congratulations to everyone that took part in the 2003 Consensus Software Awards and thank you to our sponsors Microsoft and Sapphire Technologies, and also to Senator Richard Alston for his continued support making the Consensus Software Awards the longest running independent program for Australian designed software.


Many thanks to Senator Richard Alston, Minister for Communications and Information Technology and Mr Steve Vamos, Managing Director, Microsoft Pty Ltd for presenting the 2003 Consensus Software Awards  on Tuesday 29th April 2003 at the Sheraton on the Park Hotel, and to everyone that attended or contributed to the 2003 program. 

Winners and Finalists will shortly receive copies of the Judges’ Citations, photographs taken on the night and an invitation to licence the ‘Endorsed by Consensus’ logo to assist in the on-going promotion of their achievement.  The reproduction on the right shows the full colour version which is also available in black & white outline and a variety of other formats, and can be used for a full twelve months for $1,500 plus GST.

In presenting the Awards, Senator Alston said, “The Consensus Software Awards have become something of a crystal ball for anyone wanting a glimpse of the future of the Australian software sector. That has a lot to do with the performance-based judging criteria used to decide the winners, but it also has a lot to do with the fact that Consensus Award doesn’t begin and end with a hand-shake on Awards night”.

 “The practice of offering targeted support services to finalists and winners, to help them better exploit their opportunities and reach their potential, has added real value and real substance to these awards. And that aspect of the awards has expanded even further this year, with winners to be provided with venture-capital consultancy services to inform them of their options and opportunities for business development and investment”.

 He concluded, “The Consensus Awards are about much more than applauding local innovation. They are about industry development. They are about identifying excellence and then helping it become par excellence”.

2003 Consensus Software Awards

Winners and Finalists

Select the product name to view the original submission, Award Citation and contact details.


Avolution Pty Ltd

AVNotes/PDANotes Mobile Communications Solution Pty Ltd



Asset LiveTrak 

CMS Asset Solutions


dBASplus Pty Ltd


Evalu8 Pty Ltd


ESRI Australia Pty Ltd


ETT Access Pty Ltd


Exeige Pty Ltd


Freedomsoft/The Future is Freedom Pty Ltd

Risk Insight 

Fusion Technology


Intelligent Building Solutions


IntelliRAD Solutions Pty Ltd

Simply ObjectS Modeller 

Prism International

The Service Manager 



QikDraw Systems Pty Ltd

Pit to Port 

Qmastor Limited


SoftGen Australia Pty Ltd


Sundata Pty Ltd


Systems Thinking Pty Ltd

True Life Anatomy – Image 

True Life Anatomy Pty Ltd


Webtrack Media Pty Ltd


Whitech Pty Ltd

Congratulations to all Winners and Finalists

2003 Consensus Software Awards
Photo’s from the gala dinner

To order copies please quote the reference number and identify those in the frame (L-R) for our records



2002 Consensus Software Awards

Congratulations to the Finalists and Winners of the 2002 Consensus Software Awards announced on Tuesday 16 April 2002 at the Sheraton on the Park, Elizabeth Street, Sydney. 

The Awards were presented by;
Senator Kate Lundy, Shadow Minister for Information Technology;
Peter Beckingham, Consul General, British Consulate; 
David Reeve, Country Manager, Developer Relations, IBM Australia and New Zealand.


and special congratulations to Vesereo selected by IBM Developer Relations to take part in IBM developerWorks Live! San Francisco May 7-10 2002 

Event photographs

 If you have any questions please contact Consensus

Winners and Finalists are listed in alphabetical order. Click on the product name to view the entry

Slow Page Warning
Many entries include reproductions of full size program screens which may take some time to download. Where possible they are attached as separate files.

2002 Winners

(all Awards of equal value)



E-easy NetBooks V3.00

E-easy Pty. Ltd.


Ephox Corporation


Eurofield Information Solutions

My Virtual Accountant

My Virtual Accountant


Think Software

Rapid Development Platform


Soprano Parking

Soprano Design Pty. Ltd.


Econsult Management Consultants


Vesereo Pty. Ltd.

2002 All Finalists




Performance Management Systems

Bookmaster/Powermaster 7.0

TMS Tailor Made Systems

E-easy NetBooks V3.00

E-easy Pty. Ltd.


Ephox Corporation

End-End Software

End-End Software


IdeaData Pty. Ltd.


Infra Corporation

IQ Rapid Address

Intech Solutions Pty. Ltd.

IQ Standardiser

Intech Solutions Pty. Ltd.


Happen Business


Odyssey Development


Eurofield Information Systems

My Virtual Accountant

My Virtual Accountant


Think Software

Rapid Development Platform


Soprano Parking

Soprano Designs Pty. Ltd.


Econsult Management Consultants


Vesereo Pty. Ltd.



Congratulations to the winners and finalists in the 2001 Consensus Software Awards. Also on this page, the list of Judges for 2001 and link to the Photo Album for 2001.

Consensus Software Awards
Winners 2001

Optiscribe v1.0
AiVision Pty. Ltd.
Prognosis IP Telephony Manager
Integrated Research Pty. Ltd.
ezimerchant Professional
Australian Windows Publishing Pty. Ltd.
AptrixConnect v1.0.5
Presence Online Pty. Ltd.
Bevlink v3.0
Bevlink Pty. Ltd.
Sienna Technologies Pty. Ltd.
m-cast v1.1
Fujitsu Australia Software Technology (FAST) Pty. Ltd.
Speech Master – Stock Trader
Syrinx Speech Systems Pty. Ltd.
ibComOBMS v1.0
ibCom Pty. Ltd.
Internet Cash Register
Transacta Pty. Ltd.

Consensus Software Awards
Finalists 2001

Dynamic Submission 2000
Apex Pacific Pty. Ltd.
Workforce v 5.4 & 6.25
Mizzisoft Pty. Ltd.
e-tivity TimeControl v1.4
e-Business Australia Pty. Ltd.
Netseek Networks Pty. Ltd.
e-Care (Version 1)
HealthSolve Pty. Ltd.
netDeploy Global v5.0
Open Software Associates Pty. Ltd.
Competencies on Target (COT)
Impart Corporation Pty. Ltd.
Quik In-sure 2000
Quik In-Sure Pty. Ltd.
iICE (V2.1) – Blizzard
Innovit Pty. Ltd.
Tailor Made Systems Pty. Ltd.

Consensus Software Awards
Judges 2001

Name Position
John Berriman I.T. Operations Manager
Ford Motor Company
Les Boag Corporate Manager, Information Technology
Geoff Bowker Director of Investments
Item3 Pty Ltd
Kevin Bungard Senior Software Architect
Westfield Internet Business Group
Professor Trevor Cairney Director, Centre for Regional Research & Innovation (CRRI)
University of Western Sydney
Kate Carruthers Business Solutions Leader
GE Mortgage Insurance Services
Narelle Clark IP Network Services Manager IP Networks
Cable & Wireless Optus 
Fergus Cochrane-Dyet Director of Trade & Investment Promotion
British Consulate-General
Joan Cooper Professor of Technology
University of Wollongong
Paul Cutbush Business Manager
Customer Care Management Centre
IBM Global Services 
Julian Edwards Principal Consultant
Object Oriented Pty Ltd
Rene Frei Managing Director
R. Frei & Associates 
Professor Michael Fry Dean of the Faculty of Mathematical and Computing Sciences
University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)
Arthur Gerozisis Chairman
Australian Software Metrics Association (NSW)
Hugh Gyton Consultant
Ian Hyman Chief Executive Officer
Hyman Asset Management Group
Channa Jayasinha Chief Information Officer
Department of Conservation, New Zealand.
Leonard Kay Manager – Users Support Group
National Bank of New Zealand 
Peter Lewis Consul-General and Senior Trade Commissioner – San Francisco
Claude Matthews Network Specialist
State Rail Authority of NSW
Susan Meyer Principal
SMC Consulting Pty Ltd
Kelvin McGrath Transpower, New Zealand
Bhupendra Mistry Field Marketing Manager
Candle Corporation 
Lyn Morehen Strategic Programmes Consultant
AMP Limited
Jonar C. Nader Author, Social Commentator, Lecturer, and E-business Adviser
Ian Patterson Manager of Technology Services Division, State Library of Victoria
Keith Power Freelance IT and Technology writer
Power Writing Services Pty. Ltd.
Hugo Rehesaar Lecturer in Information Systems
University of New South Wales
Peter Schultz Senior Investment Manager
Invest South Australia, Government of South Australia
Mike Van Breugal Managing Director
Gratex International Australia
Professor Tony Watson Acting Pro Vice-Chancellor, Teaching, Learning & Technology
Edith Cowan University


Steve McWhirter, General Manager, Software, IBM Australia Limited making the keynote speach at the 2001 Consensus Software Awards gala dinner. Select Photo Album 2001 for more images of the winners and invited guests.

CSA Results 2000

In the competition year 1999/2000, five winners and seven other finalists were recognized for their contribution to Australian software design. In 1999/2000 the program was known as the Australian Designers of the World – Software Awards.

Winners 2

Our thanks to Senator Richard Alston for presenting the Awards. Austrade for its endorsement and the support of our media partner PCWeek and Software Engineering Australia (NSW) and ISEG Pty. Ltd. Thanks also to AMP for providing the venue for the judging.

Consensus Software Awards
winners for 1999/2000
Company Product
Disc Group of Companies WebPos
 QMS Pty. Ltd.  iKnow
Streamlink Pty. Ltd.  eProcure
Infocomp Pty. Ltd. Composer
Presence Online Pty. Ltd. aptrix


Consensus Software Awards
Other Finalists for 1999/2000
Company Product
Concord Australia Pty. Ltd. Master file
 Muli Management Pty. Ltd.  Muli Project Manager
Whitewolf Online WebsiteMAX
Mid-comp International Pty. Ltd. SF Builder
Clear Objective Pty. Ltd. Clear Enterprise

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