Microsoft Global Potential Award

Winner for 2008: PocketPhrase from Strategic Data Management


(L-R): Norbert Haehnel, Director Developer & Platform Strategy Group, Microsoft; The Hon. Dr. Brendan Nelson MP, Leader of the Opposition; Natalie Jackway, Marketing Manager; Mike Pearson, General Manager, PocketPhrase

PocketPhrase from Strategic Data Management, for more information please visit

“PocketPhrase has the potential to enable people on the autism spectrum to more fully participate in society, by providing a uniquely flexible set of digital communication aids. With its attractive flash cards, story boards, schedule supports, problem solving tools and even mood monitoring, PocketPhrase may well revolutionise support for autistic children, their carers, families, and clinicians. PocketPhrase also effectively comprises the full framework required for a modern clinical support tool by not just offering the user device application, but a teacher/carer system, appropriate logging, as well as an Internet based community forum to properly enable self help and ongoing support. This is one of the most exciting medical assist devices ever seen by the judges. “ – citation from the Consensus Software Awards judging panel

The Microsoft Global Potential Award is proudly facilitated by Consensus Awards

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