Stephen De Sede

Brand Storyteller | Influencer | Performance Strategist

Stephen De Sede is an influencer, entrepreneur, trainer and speaker spending the past two decades living, working and studying across the world (Australia | UK | EU | USA) in human performance, people management, and international strategic business development.

Stephen has managed and consulted to global mining developers (Australia), Biometric and Immigration Services (UK and USA) as well as strategic communications development (across the UK and European Union).

Over the last decade, Stephen has travelled the world studying the evolving and developing digital and social eras, training with global leaders and Influencers in online marketing, human behavioural and psychology.

Stephen has worked with and addressed all levels of global corporate mentoring, leading and managing global professionals in programs across multiple continents, spanning across diverse cultural, political and economic spectrums.

Providing tactical and strategic tools, whether 1-2-1 with me through videos, tutorials or personal interventions directly with me, I build you, your brand and your market positioning.

Whether personal branding through:
– video creation
– podcast development
– speaking
– presenting
– authoring
– book and content writing
– professional development
– influential personal development or
– life transformation

I provide support, guidance but most of all, assured confidence and support.

If you would like to consult Stephen personally for your business or speak for you at an event, contact The De Sede Group from the contact points on this page.

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